"There are three schools of magic. Philosophy, Science, and Engineering."

- Paraphrasing Robert A. Heinlein (1980)


Prodigy engineer Penny Copper works in a repair shop haphazardly run out of an old man's house. Rick Burning Sky was a prolific robotics expert who left behind his former life to fix broken laptops. An engineer and sorcerer, Symbol works with mechanical golems to defend and support the city. Or - he used to.

How does heroism face up against grief? Is a borrowed costume and malfunctioning magical ability enough to fill the hole left by a hero? (How do you file self employment taxes for secret robotics expenses? Asking for a friend.)

Symbol is a story about identity, self-made family, and robotics. 

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Audrey Redpath is a comic writer and engineering obsessive. She created and edited the Oath Anthology of New Heroes. When she's not writing, she's developing creator resources and running the development side of Hiveworks.

Kelly and Nichole Matthews are twin sisters, both self taught in the art of comics and illustration. Kelly handles the sketches and inks, while Nichole flats and renders their work. They have drawn for several companies including Boom Studios, DC Comics, the Henson Company and Valiant.